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Mixers and Recorders

  • Sound Devices 888 mixer/recorder, with Cedar Noise Reduction

  • Sound Devices MixPre 3ii

  • Sound Devices SL-2

  • Soundcraft EPM-8

Boom Microphones

  • DPA 4017B

  • DPA 4018C

  • Sennheiser MKH30

  • Sanken CS-3e

  • Piano, Pia 2, COSI, OSIX3, E-OSIX-4018C, Leo Cinela blimps and shockmounts

  • Ambient QP480, K-Tek KP9CCR

Lavalier Microphones

  • 5x DPA4060,,5x DPA6060

  • DPA 4097

  • Tentacle Track E lav/recorder


Wireless Systems (blocks A1, B1, 21, 22, 23)

  • 4x SRc, LR Lectrosoncis

  • 4x SSM, 2xLT, 2xLMb, HMa, Lectrosonics transmitters

  • RF Venue Omni antenna, Lectro SNA600a dipoles

Client Monitoring and Sync

  • Lectrosonics IFB system (R1a, R1b, R1c receivers) with headsets

  • 3x Tentacle Sync (timecode)

  • Denecke digital timecode slate (TS-C)

Power and Infrastructure 

  • BDS: AudioRoot eSMART-KART, eSMART BG-DH mkii, vmDBOX

  • SoundCart Production Sound Cart

  • K-Tek Stingray SmallX, Orca OR-270, Stingray harness, Stingray backpack

  • C-stands, sound blankets, Pelsue 6x6x6 work tent

  • Ram ProMaster sound utility van


Sound mixer, recording, location sound, Ottawa, Stephen Lorne
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