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I was born and raised in Peterborough, Ontario.  After attending Trent and Queen's Universities, I moved to Ottawa, working for the federal government for nearly twelve years.  In 2010, I began to dabble in machinima art, eventually creating the award winning Debts of Honour, one of the first feature machinima films in YouTube history.  Under the nom de plume "The Nanny", my YouTube channel has millions of views and thousands subscribers.  In 2014, I finally migrated to location sound for feature films, shorts, commercials, sports, television, and documentaries.


I have always gravitated to any career or hobby where the creative, technical and intuitive converge.  I've played bass guitar in numerous gigging bands, earned a living as a professional poker player in Las Vegas, and can occasionally be found at local hockey rinks serving as a painfully average beer-league goalie.

Stephen Lorne, Sound Mixer, Recording, Ottawa, Canada
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